Activating your Water-to-Go filter

The filter MUST be wet throroughly to activate the technology; drinking before the filter is wet through can lead to unfiltered water passing through the membrane. We suggest the first time you use a new filter you fill the bottle up and turn it upside down, submerging the filter for a minimum of 15 minutes. Aftersoaking, open the spout and squeeze the bottle gently, releasing the water, and thereby ‘flushing’ the filter. Some granules of carbon may be visible, simply continue until water runs clear. Please note that the carbon granules are not harmful.

If the filter has stood for a period of time and become dry, reactivate in the same way.

Ensure lid and filter are properly tightened to ensure a good seal but do not over-tighten.

Do not let contaminated water come into contact with the outer lid or spout; No matter how good Water-to-Go filters are, they can only filter what is inside the bottle.

Our bottles deliver a drinking rate of 10-12 mls per second; a good guzzle rate! The filter controls the flow rate. Do not squeeze the bottle hard, as this can create high pressure behind the filter and, in extreme cases, can pressurise the lid forcing a gap between the bottle and lid, and possibly allowing water to bypass the filter.

Change the filter after 3 months or approximately 200 litres, for a 750mls size, or 2 months and 130 litres for the GO! bottle filters.

Clean your lid and spout regularly.

PLEASE NOTE; the new GO! bootles are NOT dishwasher safe, unlike the 750mls. Always clean lid and spout by hand.

In all cases use common sense, be careful and drink safe!